Blog# 5

I truly like this book until it came to the end then I got pretty frustrated. I didn’t like that rarely no one had a name except three people. But my favorite part was when he meet the king of Salem, I thought it was pretty good. Santiago isn’t the smartest guy in the world but how the book took place it felt like you were there making that same choices.


–Kiyanna Miller

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Noevel Blog # 4

1.”I knew then I had to have a house.  A real house. One that I could point to. But this isnt it. The house on Mango Street isn’t it. For the time being, Mama says.”(pg. 5)

2. ” Someday I will have a best friend all my own. One I can tell my secrets to. One who will understand my jokes without my having to explain them. Until then I am a red balloon, a balloon tied to an anchor”(pg. 9)                                             

3. ” Those who don’t know any better come into our neighborhood scared. They think we are dangerous. They think we will attack them with shiny knives.”(pg. 28)

4.”That one? she said, pointing to a row of ugly three-flats, the ones even the raggedy men are ashamed to go into. Yes I nodded even though I knew it wasnt my house and started to cry.”(pg. 45)                                                                             

5.”People who live on hills sleep so close to the stars that they forget those of us who live too much on earth.” (pg. 86)                                                

6.” Shame is a bad thing you know. It keeps you down. You want to know why I quit school? Because I didnt have nice clothes. No clothes, but I had brains.”(pg. 91)

7.”..he forgot he was her father between the buckles and the  belt.”(pg. 93)

8.”She sits at home because she is afraid to go outside without  his permission.”          (pg. 102)                                                                                       

9.”Like it or not you are Mango Street, and one day you’ll come back too.” (pg. 106)

10.” I put it on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much. I write it down and Mango says goodbye sometimes. She does not hold me with both arms. She sets me free.”(pg. 110)                                                                                                 

Anna Manuylova

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Novel Blog # 4

1. “…’If you come here, you will find a hidden treasure.’ ” page 13-14

2. “…Personal Legend.  At that point in their lives, everything is clear and everything  is possible.” page 21

3. “Learn to recognize omens, and follow them.” page 41

4. ” ‘Do you want to go to work for me?’ the merchant asked.” page 46

5. “…’I’m afraid that if my dream is realized, I’ll have no reason to go on living.” page 55

6. ” ‘Maktub,’ the merchant said, finally…’It is written.’ ” page 59

7. “Never stop dreaming,” the old king had said. “Follow the omens.” page 62

8. ” ‘To show you one of life’s simple lessons,’ the alchemist answered. ‘When you possess great treasures within you, and try to tell others of them, seldom you are believed.’ ” page 134

9. “The boy reached through to the Soul of the World, and saw that it was a part of the Soul of God. And he saw that the Soul of God was his own soul. And that he, a boy, could perform miracles.” page 152

10. ” ‘…I dreamed that I should travel to the fields of Spain and look for a ruined church where shepherds and their sheep slept’….Because now he knew where his treasure was.” page 163

~Kallan Sorensen

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Journal Questions-Novel Blog #3

1. My neighbor was an old lady who looked mean on the outside but on the inside she seemed very kind. It only made her mad when the kids would run back and forth from one apartment door to the other door across. She would run out of her apartment with a broom and yell at us, but she just wanted her peace. Though on the next day as we come out the door she would sit by her door and say hello to us and give us candy.

2. In Russia I lived in a small city, just a couple of hours away from the Black Sea. My neighborhood was a bright memory. There weren’t many houses, just brick complex apartments. It didn’t seem attractive to the new kids at first, but as they met many other children they made so many good friends that they would spend their whole day running around with at the playground digging secret treasures holes. The days were never boring.

3. As it is widely known, sisters don’t always get along. My family is no exception. As my sister and I start a conversation we have our own little things on our minds we each got to speak out. As we start being too open, one of us will hurt the others feeling. Anger grows in one of us, and we raise our voices. Than we walk away with disappointment. As time passes and we calm down we understand that this is life, things aren’t always so soft and we make mistakes. One of us comes up to the other and hug them. At first we resist but then we hug them back and say “hey, you want to go drink some tea?”

Anna Manuylova

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Novel Blog #2

1. 3 pages, to see if it catches your attention or interests you

2. 3-78 around the middle

3. I like it because it has many life stories which are very interesting to know from peoples’ perspective and they are based on real life stories that happen today.

4. I believe that Esperanza is going to want to get a man-she has many girls that tell her about it and at this point in the book she got interested in guys. She is going to want to continue her education because she seems like she doesn’t want to be thought of as someone low and be low educated. She is going to continue her studies. She has hope and a desire for good and being a decent wife.

Anna Manuylova




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Novel Blog # 3


Santiago’s parents did not want him to be a shepard because they planned on him becoming a farmer.  Unlike Santiago’s parents, mine do not care about what I decide to do, as long as it is what I want.  I think it is not the parents place in telling their child that they are going to be in life because it is the child’s choice and the parents can guide them, but the final decision is made by the child.  I understand that Santiago’s parents wanted him to be a farmer like his father and past generations, but they should have asked Santiago if that was what he wanted also, instead of setting him up just to be that.  It is normal for parents to want the best for their children or to have them follow in the family business or tradition, but parents need to understand that their child might want something different and as the parent, they need to understand and support their child’s decision.

-Kallan Sorensen

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Novel Blog #3

The meaning of this story is that it’s not all about the beauty of a person but the heart of someone. They turned this story upside down when they went for his beauty. I believe in beauty but i look into peoples hearts to know the real person. My mom is trying to give me a life she never got to have but  i listen to them for a bit but one day I told my mom this is what I’m going to do is go in the Navy. I believe it is a bad idea to have your parents push you into something you don’t want to do. Do what makes you happy. The greatest lie is to not live your dream. Santiago is always in charge but sometimes he gets a little lost. I on the other hand make my decisions no one not even fate can take over.

Kiyanna Miller

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Novel Blog # 2

1.  The first chapter or the first ten pages or so because it will give you an idea of what the writing style is like and introduce you to the characters and the story.

2.  I have read 90 pages.

3.  The book is so far good, but I find it odd that Santiago is called the boy and the other characters do not have names.

4.  I predict that Santiago will find the treasure because he still dreams about it and now he wants to find it.

I predict Santiago might give up on finding the treasure because he has already given up once before.

I predict Santiago will find the treasure, but wil not want it because of what he has learned about the world and other people during his travels.

-Kallan Sorensen

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Novel Blog #2

1) I believe a good amount of pages in a book would be around hundred and thirty, because it’s not to long or two short. A bad amount is like two hundred or five pages, because there might be to short to understand or to long that you forget what happen.

2) I have read to page 72 because if i read it to fast I will easily forget what the book was about.

3) This book is really interesting. I like it alot because it reminds me to remember to follow your heart to get to your dreams.


  1. My first prediction is that he could get lost in the dessert, because the dessert is a dangerous place.
  2. Another is that he will get robbed again, because I feel that he is just going in circles.
  3. Lastly, I think the englishman and santiago will help eachother find the treasure and the lost language, because they got along so good.

Kiyanna Miller

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Poetry Blog #3

1.)When I look at the sky now, I look at it for you.

This line reminds me of when i was little and me and my dad would always look at the sky. Today, well these past three years i look up and think of my grandma, i feel her smiling when i look up and the funny looking clouds. the part that sticks out the most is “I look at it for you” when i read that i think of her and glad that she was in my life.

2.) As if with enough attention, I could take it in for you.

When I was 15 I started helping people with life. I helped girls with there problems I helped feed the homeless and give them a home. when you give people or even animals attention you help them you see what is missing. you think of your kids and see why they are sad, then they’re happy because you are there. the part that sticks is the whole line if you give someone attention you can help them.

3.) With all the leaves gone almost from the trees,

when I read this line I think of my love ones. How they are always there but one day will come by and they won’t be there. you get scared that you will never see them again but you will in your heart. the leaves falling is sad to me but when they hit the ground the leaves are together again. This is important to me atleast because I have lost someone in my heart but i can feel her there.

4.) I did not walk briskly through the field.

I use to do this when I was young, walking through a field wondering what to do with myself. I get scared in my life but when I take my walk through the forest or a calm quiet area, I calm down and realize that this is the way of life and it’s time to realize that, but everyone needs a good walk here or there. this is important because sometimes people just loose theirselves and forget the reasons in life.

–Kiyanna Miller

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